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Quiz : Biography

1. These are the roles of Ibn Sina, except....
A. Doctor
B. Philosopher
C. Musician
D. Poet

2. Work of Ibn Sina that were used as the medical standard textbook in the Islamic world and Europe is....
A. Al Qanun fi at Thib
B. Asy Syifa
C. An Najat
D. Risalah At-Thair
E. Risalah fi Al Isyq

3. Where did Ibn Sina come from?
A. Arab
B. Iran
C. India
D. Greece
E. Europe

4. When did Ibn Sina born?
A. 960
B. 970
C. 980
D. 990
E. 1000

5.  These are the work of Ibn Sina, except....
A. The Canon of Medicine
B. The Book of Healing
C. West Logic
D. Muqaddimah
E. An Najat

Avicenna (Ibn Sina) : The Father of Modern Medicine