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Closer to Nature

                All around us, we see it every day, but hardly observe it. We hear it, but never listen to its sweet calls. We  feel it everywhere, but how many times have we really experience it? Ever since the dawn of time, we were gifted with its presence. Sadly, we never understood its worth. What is it? Nature! The sunset and sunrise, the sea, the ocean, the song of birds, the wind breeze, the loving animals, it’s all nature and beauty divine. Nature is everywhere, not only in resorts, park and forest, it’s also even in the cities. But how many times do we notice it? In the midst of our busy, hectic, and stressful live, we fail to think about anything other duties and priorities.
                We spend all of our free time watching TV or playing on the internet. If we spent some of this time tendng gardens or walking in a park, we’d find it way more relaxing,I if not entertaining, thank anything else. Nature is a beautiful, serene, divine, and a lovely gift from God to all of us.
                Experiencing it should be a part of our lives. The next time we are bored or stressed, take a break and listen to the birds tweeting, water lapping, wind blowing, and the trees swaying. See and learn how breathtaking it is. See the birds flying in tens, hundreds and thousand, flying away home. The plants growing greener everyday, telling their own story. Everything come back to nature.
                Nature is a great teacher. No wonder our ancestors used to look up to nature to understand about life itself. Our ancient scriptures are filled with hymns devoted to nature,  as we treated nature as God in many instances. The Sun, Moon, Trees, Rivers, etc. all were treated as Divine creatures. Lets see what we could learn from them.
                Sun, the giver of lives, energy, seasons, the list is endless. But what we could learn most from it is how we should be when we are in a position of power. Moon, the bestower of calm, cooling sensations to cool our restless mind. The moon changes its shape everyday, but have you ever see the moon with a sad expression? Trees, nature’s ardent helper. The first knowledge about patient, forgiveness, generousity must have come by observing the trees. Rain, it bestows life into the parched earth. It helps the crops grow, but beautiful rain create messy, dirty roads, just like life.  When we are aware of ourselves, we become aware of the God in all, big or small.
                                What I love the most in the nature is it animals. When you ask me, “What did you do for the nature?”, I will answer that I helped animals. I love all animals, and I will take care about them.  I have four cats in my home, and I want more. It’s like having more brothers or sister. You will consider them as a family, not as a pet anymore.

                It is never too late. While one person may not make a big impact on the environment by himself, the collective simple efforts of many concerned people can help conserve nature. Everyone should do their share.


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