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Thank You

Thank You 

                Hello all! Welcome back to my blog again. Now, I’m going to tell you about someone or something that saved me and helped me. Usually, we are being helped by someone, but guess what? I got saved by my little kitty cat, Kinoy.
                Last Sunday, I studied until late night and slept really late. In the morning, I overwoke and almost got late for school. But, Kinoy woke me up. He woke me by sitting at my face and meowing to my ear. He also pat my cheek gently. It was not the first time that he woke me up.
                Kinoy always cheer me up. After being tired because of school, he always accompany me and play with me. I love it when he roll his body towards me, asking me to pat his body. He is also very funny and cute. He cheer me up with his acts. He is not like other cat. He meowed when I talk to him, he greet me everytime I arrive at home, and many other more.
                Everytime I study until late night, he always accompany me. But sometimes, he slept on my book when I was still reading it. It was annoying, but also funny. He also often to sleep with me. When I feel lonely, he meowed at me. It feels like he asked me, “Are you okay?”.
                I am really grateful about my cat. I love him very much. He was like a family to me.
                That’s all from me. Thank you for reading.


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Hello guys, its me!
Now, I am going to tell you about my favourite animal.

I really love cat! I'm a cat lover! Hehe..
I have two cats, their names are Kinoy and Kiku, They are domestic-anggora cat.

This is Kiku
This is Kinoy, he loves climbing!
I love them very-very much!^^
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