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My Holiday

     Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, hello guys! My name is Edrine Fatharani Faza, but you can call me Faza. I was born in Bandung, 19th of December 2001. I live at Cimareme Street with my family, that are my father, my mother, and my cats, Kinoy and Kiku. 

     Now, let me tell you about my holiday. It started at the 24th of December 2016 and ended on the 7th of January 2017. I spent my holiday at my house and at my grandmother's house. On 24th of December until 29th of December 2016, I still spent my holiday at my house. Well, it was just a usual holiday spent at home. I ate many good foods, had good time with my parents, played with my cats, and many other more activity.

     When I was still in my house, I played game a lot. The game I played called Legacy of Discord. It's an android game and it's genre is RPG. We can play with all the people around the world, and that's what makes it exciting. I played at the American server and I made many friends there. My username was Eurene, inspired by the movie Lords of The Rings, my favourite movie. After about 4 days, my character Eurene reached level 50 and that was awesome! I joined the first ranked guild at the server, Armageddon.

     I went to my grandmother's house on the 29th of December. I was excited, but also sad at the same time. Why? Firstly, my grandmother ill. And secondly, there were an event that made me really sad, but relieved after that event passed. Well, I will tell you about that event later.

     I went to my grandmother's house with my father, my mother, and my cats. At my grandmother's house, I spent a lot of quality time with my family, that are my father, my mother, my grandmother, my cousins, my aunt, and my uncle. My aunt had a cat too, his name is Molly. My cats often to play with him. 

     Now, I will tell you about the event I mentioned before. I lost one of my cat, Kinoy! It happened at night, Kinoy went out. When my father and I checked him, he played with the neighbor's cat, and he was still nearby, so my father and I let him play. The second time my father and I checked him, he was gone! My whole family panicked and started to look for him. We searched him all night over and over again, but we still can't find him. We decided to stop and continue next morning. 

     Next morning, we started to search him again, but we still can't find him. I remembered that Kinoy wore a tag with his name and my mother's phone number. I wish somebody found him and texted my mother. Not long after that, somebody texted my mother. He asked where Kinoy live. We got relieved knowing that Kinoy is safe and will got home soon.

     I added Kinoy's saver to my WhatsApp contact. I looked at his display picture and he seemed familiar. I asked my aunt who he is and my aunt said that his house is nearby. Then, we decided to take Kinoy home by ourselves. Kinoy were really there. We brought him home and we hugged him. 

     Before the holiday ends, my father, my mother, my cousin and I went to Dusun Bambu. Dusun Bambu located in Kolonel Masturi Street, Kertawangi, Cisarua, West Java. Dusun Bambu are family leisure park. At Dusun Bambu, there are Arimbi Park, Purbasari, Paddy Field, Sayang Heulang, Tegal Pangulinan, Pasar Khatulistiwa, Lutung Kasarung, Kampul Layung and many other more.

     My family and I firstly went to Arimbi Park. We saw many beautiful flowers and river and a river. We also rented bikes there. After that, we went to Pasar Khatulistiwa to eat. We ate crepes, otak-otak, tutut, and duck meat. After that, we went to Tegal Pangulinan and we played many games. We also gave rabbits food at the Rabbit's Wonderland. We also took photo with the rabbits.

     I had so many good times at this holiday. I also learned to took care of my cat more. Thats all about my holiday. Thanks for reading and see you at my next post!


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