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Hello guys!!

    Piye kabare? Kenken kabare? Pohaba? Hehe, i was telling How are you in Indonesian's various traditional region language. Why am I using it? Because now, in my third post, I am going to tell you about another event in SMAN 3 Bandung, MEGANTARA. I am so excited!! What is MEGANTARA? MEGANTARA is Indonesian Culture Festival. It was held at 10th of September 2016 at Lapangan Bali. Where is Lapangan Bali? It's not at Bali Island of course, *laugh* its at Bali Street.
   So firstly, all the student ( non-commitee) gather at Lapangan Bali in 7.00 AM to do parade. This is some picture from the parade... 

This is me and my classmates before the parade. Boys were wearing a pangsi (traditional Sundanese Outfit) and girls were wearing kebaya. The boys and the girls were all looking gorgeus. We were really excited!

This is the picture of Me, Fathiyya and Caca Nevasa. We were showing our poster about Peace Day! 

This is the parade. We were all shouting song about MEGANTARA.
"Festival Megantara
SMA Negeri 3
Tempatnya Lapang Bali
Harinya hari ini"
    The parade finished at 9.00 AM. We were exhausted then we went to SMAN 3 Bandung to change our clothing and eat at bazaar. After that, I didn't go to the MEGANTARA yet. I went to BIP with my junior high school friend to watch a movie and to kill time because MEGANTARA open gate was at 1.00 PM.   
 Me and my junior high school friend finally went to MEGANTARA. The queue to enter MEGANTARA was really long, ugh.. Finally, we were at the inside of MEGANTARA. We were hungry, so we brought a food, its kue cubit. Yummy! I met many of my another junior high school friend there. One of it was my best friend at junior high school. Her name is Nana.

   I watched some of the performance at MEGANTARA. One of it was a fashion show about traditional fashion in Indonesia. Each class should send three of their student to participate. My classmate those who participate was Alvira, Aci, and Rafa. 

This is the picture of Rafa. She wear "Baju Bodo". It was traditional fashion from Sulawesi Selatan Province. She looked really pretty, right?
   Unfortunately, my classmate didnt win the fashion show:( But thats okay, they were all still really great and gorgeus. 

    I also watched T'st Performance. Their performance was really awesome!!

   Guys, really, I had a blast that day. I really enjoyed it. Thats all from me in this post. Thank you for reading, and see you at my next post! Byebye!

As always,



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