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Hello All!

      It's me again, Faza! Happy Sunday! I'm really excited because it's my second post and guess what, I'm going to post about sport!! Well, talking about sport, I'm reminded about one of my school event, SMAN 3 Bandung. It is World Tournament X Techno Festival

      Now, what is World Tournament X Techno Festival? World Tournament X Techno Festival is one of SMAN 3 Bandung OSIS 9 and 10 Division's programme.This programme was held on Saturday, 20th of August 2016. This programme is of course, about sport. Every student of 32019 and 32018 should join this programme. Yup, one of this programme's goal is to deepen the bond between 32019 and 32018, the senior and the junior, hehe.. And guess what, we all those who participated must use English Language. Dont be afraid to use english, right??
       Okay, now let's talk about the activities in this programme. So, the main rule is all the participants, 32019 and 32019, should collect puzzle pieces that they will arrange at the end of the programme. The participants should also avoid the alien! Why? Because they can steal the participant's puzzle pieces.

      Every class should wear different costumes. And MIPA 3, my class, used black top, black pants ( school uniform) and also batik fabric.

   That is the picture of Me, Welya and Wulan. We were saying, "Fighting!!" in this picture, hehee..

    And that is the picture of me with my classmate, Ferra. We were also saying "Fighting!!" in this picture. We both used batik fabric in our head.

   Lets not spam this post with my selfie, okay.. Hehehe.. Soo, the WTTF started when OSIS gave us a map about where should we go at the event. Firstly, we had to go to 12th grader's class. We played a playstation game there. X MIPA 3 was competing with XI MIPA 3. Unfortunately, my class lost:( But thats okay, we will win at the next game! Next, we had to go to Taman Music.

     At Taman Music, we played Ranking 2. So, we had to be Ranking 2 to win this game. I became the player from my class. And guess what, I brought my class to victory. Yay!! And then, we had to go to the Bangsal at Lapangan Bali to play FIFA. Both of 32019 and the 32018 won, yay!! Next, the game was about collecting as much water as we can. My class won! After that, the game was playing Flappy Bird. My class again was the champion. Next, we had to go to Taman Foto. Its a bit far so it was kinda exhausting to walk there. We played twister and making robot there. My class, again.. won! 

Its the picture of me and my dear classmates.. We were exhausted, but we had fun of course!

        We walked again to Lapangan Bali to arrange the puzzle pieces we collected. The time was 15 minutes. 32018 VS 32019,  who won?

And... The winner was.. 

3019!!!! Yay!!

That is the picture of 32019 puzzle. Really good, right?

  Honestly, this programme was kinda tiring. But well, we could take the moral value about teamwork and fair play, And the most important this was we had fun that day!! 
  Thats all from me in this post guys. Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

   As always,




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